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We all know that San Francisco offers some of the best dining options on the West coast (or world, dare we say?). And if you are like me, sushi is a top choice when deciding on which phenomenal San Francisco restaurant to go for dinner.

1. Umami (2909 Webster Street, Webster & Union)
Price: $$$

This sushi restaurant never disappoints. Umami is the ideal spot for impressing a date, out of town guests, or San Francisco newcomers.

The ambiance is cozy, yet lively. The bar is always happening (go early for happy hour if you want a bar seat!), or you can choose to cozy up at one of the dining tables, small or large.

Besides the fun vibe, Umami has some of the freshest, most delicious fish in the city. The large cuts of fish make for unbelievable nigiri and sashimi, their rolls are original and exciting, and the appetizers are to die for.

2. Ozumo (161 Steuart Street, Steuart & Mission)
Price: $$$

Nestled just off the Embarcadero, this SF sushi restaurant offers fabulous bay views to accompany your delicious sushi. Now, Ozumo ain’t cheap, but you get what you pay for…. Which is high-quality sushi in a truly beautiful atmosphere.

The ambiance is modern, yet inviting and always buzzing with diners. The massive sushi bar in the center of the dining room is impressive to say the least and watching the sushi chef’s in action is always exciting. Large (almost arm chairs) allow you to indulge in sake and rolls comfortably.

If you are looking for just a quick bite and cocktail, the bar at the front of the restaurant is your sweet spot. Settle in and be prepared to guard your seat- the bar tends to get crowded and stay crowded.

3. Blowfish Sushi to Die For (2170 Bryant Street, Bryant & 20th)
Price: $$$

Blowfish Sushi mixes traditional with modern for a unique sushi experience.

Off the beaten path of Valencia Street’s restaurant row, you may have to Google map this little gem.

Decked out in Japanimation, this SF sushi restaurant is energetic, vibrant and a neighborhood favorite. Blowfish Sushi is an ideal spot to start your night out as house music will be (subtly) bumping while you munch on the Ritsu Roll or Pyramid of Tartare (yes, it’s as good as it sounds).

If you are looking for a change of pace from sushi, Blowfish also has incredible Asian-fusion options not involving raw fish. One especially good non-fish dish is The Punch- rare filet mignon on sautéed spinach with crispy red onions. Enjoy!

4. Tataki Sushi Bar (2815 California Street, California & Divisadero)
Price: $$

If you want to enjoy exceptional sushi in a very San Francisco, eco-friendly kind of way, Tataki is the perfect spot for you.

Boasted as the first sustainable sushi restaurant in the U.S., Tataki offers only sushi that has been responsibly sourced in an environmentally friendly way.

A boutique restaurant that seats about 25 max, this is an ideal location for a delightful sushi dinner, without all the San Francisco chaos.

Although small, this little restaurant has a large presence in the city and has opened two additional locations- delicious sushi made even more convenient!

5. Kiss Seafood (1700 Laguna, Laguna & Bush)
Price: $$$$

Don't blink, you might miss it- Kiss Seafood is one of San Francisco's best kept dining secrets.

This uber-traditional Japanese restaurant, run by a husband and wife team is small, intimate and authentic.

The understated vibe of the restaurant pairs with the subtly delicious food. Kiss Seafood doesn't overdo it, they get it just right. This reservation only restaurant is the perfect place for quiet, intimate date night.

The Chef's Special Omakase Dinner is delightful (and filling)! This six course meal consists of salad various salads, soups, assorted sashimi and nigiri.

Another tip- try the octopus sashimi! Kiss is one of the few restaurants to serve raw octopus.

6. Ebisu (1283 9th Avenue, 9th & Irving)
Price: $$

An SF favorite, Ebisu is just. plain. yummy. Be prepared to wait, especially during weekends- the secret is out on this one, but this sushi restaurant is well worth the wait.

The "Two Strikes, One Ball" roll alone is worth waiting in line for- tuna wrapped in avocado?! Say hello to every Californian's dream.

Without a doubt some of the freshest fish in San Francisco, Ebisu offers large cuts of fish and creative specialty rolls. The 49er is unique (lemon slice in your sushi!) and a crowd favorite.

The modern, yet warm decor makes Ebisu an ideal combo of hip and trendy with approachable, authentic San Francisco (this family run city favorite has been around 30+ years!).

Attentive service and personable sushi chef's seal the deal for greatness at Ebisu. This SF sushi restaurant is not to be missed!

7. Maruya (2931 16th Street, 16th & S. Van Ness)
Price: $$$$

Now, Maruya is sushi done RIGHT! Head Chef Masaki Sasaki certainly knows what he's doing.

The dishes at Maruya are authentic and
traditional. The menu changes constantly based on seasonality, which means there is always something new and exciting to try.

There are different options for the Omakase dinners and the nigiri is often served in pairs with complementing fish.

The ambiance is warm and welcoming. The sushi bar is open (no glass to separate you from the chef), and the entire restaurant is outfitted in beautiful, contrasting shades of wood. Try to grab a seat at the bar and watch absolutely beautiful sushi creations come together.

8. Akiko's Restaurant (431 Bush Street, Bush & Claude Lane)
Price: $$

Without a doubt, many San Francisco residents (and visitors), have walked by Akiko's without realizing what a true sushi gem is hidden inside!

This small, yet modern, restaurant has no signage out front (if you see the Irish Bank sign, you are in the right place), but once inside you'll enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and fresh fish.

This eco-friendly restaurant also changes the menu based on seasonality and the servers are always helpful with recommendations. Helpful hint- the Hamachi Kama (broiled yellowtail with a ponzu, daikon dressing) is just delicious!

9. Ichi Sushi + NI Bar (3282 Mission Street, Mission & 29th)
Price: $$$$

Ichi Sushi has a loyal SF following, so much so that they've just relocated and expanded to become Ichi Sushi and NI Bar!

NI Bar is the perfect addition, offering diners a fabulous spot to enjoy a drink and small snacks while waiting.

This cheeky restaurant features massive wall art, which actually instructs diners on the art of sushi eating (hey, you might learn something).

Ichi gets another point for having a great happy hour, including $1 oysters, $6 wine, and $6 for their famous Yuzu chicken wings!

10. Daigo Sushi (2450 Clement Street, Clement & 26th)
Price: $$

This small, no-frills sushi restaurant in the Outer Richmond is not the place if you are looking for a trendy, scene-y night out. However, if you are looking for impeccable sushi in a casual environment with great service, Daigo is your spot!

Just a short drive from Land's End, this sushi restaurant is the perfect place for a healthy dinner after a gorgeous hike. The service is efficient and friendly, you won't find yourself waiting for a drink or dish at Daigo.

A few dining tips- Both the albacore and beef Hamachi are favorites. The albacore is fresh and perfectly presented while the filet mignon is tender and very high quality. A refreshing roll, wrapped in cucumber, the Naruto roll, is also a must-have.

Best Restaurants (or places to eat) in the area

Ebisu, Kiss Seafood, Umami, Ozumo, Maruya, Ichi Sushi + NI Bar, Tataki, Blowfish Sushi, Akikos Restaurant, Daigo

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Ebisu, Kiss Seafood, Umami, Ozumo, Maruya, Ichi Sushi + NI Bar, Tataki, Blowfish Sushi, Akikos Restaurant, Daigo


Pic by @ab200776


Pic by @marcovidali4

Umami Deliciousness

Pic by @marcovidali4

Umami Nigiri


Ozumo Japanese Restaurant

Pic by @_mshart_

View from Ozumo

Pic by @davidsuruki



Ozumo Roll


Drinks and Sushi at Ozumo

Pic by @ecks1

Sushi Art at Ozumo!

Pic by @brian_milan


Pic by @elle2mode

Pyramid of Tartare at Blowfish Sushi!


Blowfish Sushi To Die For

Pic by @djharrylove

Tempura and bites about to be devoured at Blowfish Sushi


Blowfish Sushi To Die For

Pic by @letote

The Blowfish Chef's hard at work.


Blowfish Sushi


Jalapenos + Albacore = Oh, so good at Blowfish Sushi!


Tataki Sushi South

Pic by @la_leek

Now, that's what I call dinner... Tataki Sushi


Tataki Sushi

Pic by @kevi22q_

Overflowing roll! So good at Tataki Sushi


Kiss Seafood


Soup at Kiss Seafood


Kiss Seafood


Impeccable nigiri at Kiss Seafood


Getting ready for some good bites at Kiss Seafood


Kiss Seafood

Pic by @lynrei

Perfection! Kiss Seafood


Kiss Seafood


Kiss Seafood



Pic by @n1norm

Friendly chef at Ebisu



Pic by @n1norm

Kirin and sushi... What could be better? Ebisu!



Pic by @n1norm

Ebisu Sushi



Pic by @sup_this_up

Such great care at Ebisu



Pic by @emyyliu

Mmmmmm- Maruya



Pic by @sparkerly

Sushi dinner- perfected. Maruya SF


Sashimi from Maruya

Pic by @xxalicejxx

A Maruya Feast!


Maruya まるや食堂


Some sake with your sushi?


Akikos Restaurant

Pic by @neonblush

Simply Salmon at Akikos


Akikos Restaurant


Sushi and shrimp at Akikos


Akikos Restaurant


Small towers of yum! Akikos


Akikos Restaurant


Beautiful presentation at Akikos!


Ichi Sushi + Ni Bar

Pic by @amarkiel

Sushi, oysters and spirits at Ichi


Lotta fish at Ichi Sushi + NI Bar!


ICHI Sushi + NI Bar

Pic by @kevinrose

Ready to eat at Ichi


Ichi Sushi + Ni Bar


Don't be jealous..... Ichi Sushi!


Sushi sampler- enjoy!!


Ichi Sushi + Ni Bar


Instructions for eating sushi at Ichi!


Did you know? Thanks Ichi!

Pic by @rexsoleil

Clean, perfect sushi at Daigo!


Blowfish Sushi Lounge


Blowfish Sushi

Pic by @swallis15

Blowfish Sushi

Pic by @blowfishsf

Sushi prep at Blowfish Sushi


Sushi Sushi

Pic by @kevinrose

Ichi Sushi + NI Bar


Ichi Sushi

Pic by @kevinrose

Ichi Sushi + NI Bar