The Deliciously Bizarre Food Trucks of San Francisco

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There are tons and tons of trucks in San Francisco, and some of them serve up gourmet meals. This is a compendium of some of the craziest tastes available on four wheels, with a guide to where you'll find them in the city of San Francisco.

Hella Vegan Eats — Not just vegan, it's hella vegan. San Francisco's foodie community can't be mentioned without a nod to its meatless members. Their rotating menu changes with the season, but vegan options of meaty staples are always on hand, like "Chicken" and Waffles and a Mean Dean Doughnut "Burger." Stranger offerings include a Ramen "Burger" and a Tempura Asparagus Sandwich that will have you savoring your vegetables.

Eire Trea — It's not hard to find an unusual dish on the Eire Trea menu: the entire truck is a concept never before attempted, combining Irish foods with Eritrean. Ireland and Eritrea, a country in the horn of Africa, aren't exactly known for their cuisine. But when there are such wondrous combinations available — such as the Corned Beef Wrap with Eritrean spices, it's easy to be impressed by this imaginative combination. Other staples include Irish Chicken Curry and "Chicken Zig," a common Eritrean and Ethiopian dish served on a flatbread.

Bacon Bacon — In direct contrast to Hella Vegan Eats, Bacon Bacon is a paradise for those who prefer their pork to be made of pig. Burgers and sandwiches have been enhanced with that treat of meat, like their Grilled Cheese, which adds bacon and bacon jam to the melty treat. Gourmet tacos balance the flavor of bacon with pork butt, pork belly, peppers, and goat cheese. You can even get a bouquet of bacon or infuse your dessert with its goodness; Bacon Bacon offers both Bacon Caramel Corn and Chocolate Covered Vacon to finish you off with flavor.

Kasa Indian — Fans of Indian food can skip their trip to the street vendors of Mumbai with Kasa Indian, who offer traditional Indian flavor in portable wraps and plates. Whether you're a can of typical Tikka Masala fan or more into the Gobi Aloo, you can carry your curry in one hand as you head off to your next edible adventure... perhaps back to Bacon Bacon for some dessert?

Carribean Spices — Carribean Spices doesn't try to spin the taste of Haitian food in any way; it's rare enough to find such flavors in their pure form. While Carribean Spices aren't the most bizarre food truck in the Bay, they're probably the only place that you can get Creole Oxtail and Creole Goat from the back of a truck on the west coast. You won't regret having Haitian with Carribean Spices.

Lobsta Truck — Seafood from a truck? Well, when you're between the Bay and the Pacific Ocean, it's not much of a stretch. Lobsta Truck started out in Southern California, and has been featured in a lot of media for its unusual offerings. But if you want Clam Chowder, a Crab Roll, a Lobster Roll, or Lobster Bisque, you don't need to head to Fisherman's Wharf to find it.

Sabor de San Miguel — Guatemalan food? What's Guatemalan food? Well, if you're at Sabor de San Miguel, what it is is delicious. Featured on Season 2 of Food Network's Food Court Wars, Sabor de San Miguel brings the best Fried Pork Plates and Tamales to the table. If you haven't experienced the textures and spices of Guatemala, don't start saving your travel points; just find Sabor de San Miguel for a taste passport.

Sanguchon — Another rare find that pays tribute to San Francisco's true variety of cuisines is the Preuvian food truck Sanguchon. Sanguchon offers Peruvian sandwiches and wraps, like the Pan con Chicarron, with slivered pork loin, fried yams, marinatedf onions and aju rocoto aioli, to the Aji de Gallina, a wrap with chicken breast braised in Aji amarillo with feta cheese, sauce, white beans, and rice. Many dishes on the menu are difficult to pronounce, but easy to enjoy once ordered.

The Chairman — With a vaguely Communistic aesthetic, The Chairman is a food truck for the brave of tongue. Offering Taiwanese Gua Bao, or bun sandwiches, The Chairman offers baked or stesmed buns with an exotic array of flavor combinations. Try the Muscovy Duck Confit Terrine with Green Papaya, Orange Pickled Red Onions and Mint, or try their Tender Pork Belly with Turmeric Pickled Daikon and Green Shiso. For an even more unusual afterthought, their zesty wonton chips come with Togarashi spices and seaweed on top.

BobCha — BobCha always has a line, and it's always a line worth waiting in. This bizarre bastardization of Korean food hits the spot with any dizzying dish they offer. Sure, there's traditional Cup Bob and Bibimbob, but you can also order such surreal delicacies as Kimchi Fries, Korean Nachos, Bob Burritos, Bulgogi Burgers, and Bobcha Tacos. It's a flavor free-for-all that is umami and yummy, all at the same time.

How to get there and get around

While food trucks can be found flying solo anywhere there are hungry lunchers in the Bay Area, there are two sources that provide the largest variety of offerings in one place.

One of these is Off the Grid, a movie collective of vendors that posts its upcoming locations online. Whether it's lunch or dinner, this site has you covered with its location-based lists of what's on the menu.

If you're looking for a more permanent place to sit while you sup, the SOMA StrEat Food Park south of Market is an open-air eatery complete with picnic table seating and local events. It's a dog-friendly venue that plays music and hosts a rotating array of food trucks so locals can try new things all the time. Whether you work nearby or want to try a food truck with the guarantee of a place to sit and enjoy your meal, the SOMA StrEat Food Park is the place to go.

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Follow the Twitters of each truck to find them:

Hella Vegan Eats — @HellaVeganEats

Eire Trea — @EireTrea

Bacon Bacon — @BaconBaconSF

Kasa Indian — @KasaIndian

Caribbean Spices — @Carribeanspices

Lobsta Truck — @LobstaTruckSF

Sabor de San Miguel — @SaborSM

Sanguchon — @Sanguchon_SF

The Chairman — @chairmantruck

BobCha — @BobChaSF


Korean Nachos at BobCha combine Mexican flavors with Korean soul.


Kimchi completes the exotic flavors of the BobCha burrito.


The BobCha burger also takes Korean flavor and adds it to an American classic.


It's Bobbin' delicious.


Pork belly and picked daikon on a steamed bun from The Chairman.


A cheerful meal at The Chairman food truck.


Buns from The Chairman and a kombucha make for the perfect San Francisco meal.


Another Chairman location: Off the Grid.


Loma Saltado at Sanguchon


Sanguchon and sweet potato fries, to go.


No Peruvian food from Sanguchon is complete without Inca Kola!


The menu on the side of the Sanguchon food truck.


A Guatemalan Enchilada from Sabor de San Miguel.


Sabor de San Miguel's Guatemalan pork sandwich stuffed with fresh guacamole, chard chimichurri sauce and black bean spread.


The Sabor de San Miguel pork plate, with all the trimmings.


Sabor de San Miguel's food truck in action.


About to enjoy some lobstaaaaa


The menu: Lobster Roll first.


The Lobster Roll up close.


The beautiful Lobsta Truck in action.


Carribean Spices are the spiciest taste of the tropics you'll wonder why you haven't had before.


Chicken tikka masala at Kasa Indian!


The Kasa Indian vegetarian samosa with its delicious accompanying sauce.


Enjoying some Kasa Indian outdoors!


The truck itself hits the streets to bring delicious Indian street food everywhere.


The BaconBacon bahn mi.


...and a side of bacon.


Bacon fries! Combining everyone's favorite fatty flavors into one perfect dish.


Bacon... it will make you smile.


Chicken Zig at Eire Trea. Check out that bread!


Serving up smiles at Eire Trea.


Eire Trea's fresh flavors combine very different corners of the world.


A vegan strawberry cupcake from Hella Vegan Eats is always the perfect dessert.


Hella Vegan Eats... never stingy with the avocado.


The vegan waffle plate... full of flavor you won't soon forget.


A typical rotating menu at Hella Vegan Eats' elusive food truck.


An example of the activities that SOMA StrEat Food Park hosts.


Sitting inside at SOMA StrEat Food Park on a rainy day. Sunny days will see you seated outside!


Some StrEat Food Park is the City's favorite place to grab lunch.


Off the Grid SF offers beautiful views and even better food trucks.