Food, Fun, and Fountains: A Day in Downtown Walnut Creek

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Do you live in the Bay Area and have a few hours on your hands? Head out to downtown Walnut Creek! The weather is gorgeous in June and it's perfect for walking around and exploring this outdoor shopping area. The best part is that no matter your budget, there is always something to do. You can shop at department stores such as Nordstroms, Macy's, and Neiman Marcus. But you can also shop at consignment shops, vintage stores, and specialty food shops. When you want to take a break, you can have any kind of food from Cuban and Thai to Mexican and Greek, or just stop at one of the dessert spots. Whether you're with your family, your partner, or your best friend, there is something for everyone.

How to get there and get around

Downtown Walnut Creek has plenty of parking lots to choose from, especially along Locust Street and Main Street. If you don't want to drive, you can take the BART to the Walnut Creek station and take the Route 4 free shuttle to downtown! 

Best Restaurants (or places to eat) in the area

Katy's Kreek Restaurant: An All-American and Scandinavian restaurant known for their large selection of eggs benedict. Try the Novia Scotia (smoked salmon and sauteed spinach) or Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict (dungeness crab with cooked spinach) and don't leave without a mimosa!

La Fogota: A Mexican bar and grill with all of your favorites including burritos, tacos, enchiladas, as well as combination plates. They are known for their Happy Hour at their sports bar that has six widescreen televisions.

Kacha Thai Bistro: One of the best Thai restaurants in town. They have a wonderful selection of noodles, curries, rice, and seafood. I would recommend the crowd-favorite Pad See Ew (pan-fried thick rice noodles with choice of meat with garlic, Chinese broccoli, egg, and soy sauce) and their Lady Fingers (fried egg rolls served with a sweet garlic sauce).

1515 Restaurant and Lounge: Everytime I walk past 1515, they are always packed as they are one of the most popular restaurants in town. They have Happy Hour seven days a week from 3:00 to 6:00PM as well as brunch on weekends. They have everything from tacos to seafood to pizza and even bread pudding! I would recommend their Peach and Blueberry Cobbler and the Truffle Mac & Cheese.

Dragon's Pond: Classic Chinese food that is consistently good. Try any or all of their fabulous appetizers and definitely try their Princess Prawns (prawns stir-fried in a tangy honey-glazed sauce and sprinkled in white sesame seeds).

Hamachi: Craving sushi? They have my favorite Happy Hour! Classics such as the Philadelphia Roll, California Roll, and Tekka Roll (tuna) start at just $5. Their speciality rolls are also great. Try their Lion King Roll (crab, avacado, salmon, baked with a parmesean aioli, tobiko)!

CREAM: Craving something sweet? You can choose from creating an ice cream sandwich, float, malt, or milkshake at this wonderful little shop. Choose from around 20 different ice cream flavors and 12 kinds of cookies. They even have vegan and gluten-free options for those who want them. Despite their variety, you can't go wrong with their classic chocolate chip cookie and french vanilla ice cream.

SF Bay Area Neighborhood Characteristics

There are plenty of brand hotels in the area. You can't go wrong with the Walnut Creek Marriott or the Renaissance ClubSport Walnut Creek Hotel.

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Local hangouts, Shopping spots

There are plenty of brand clothing stores such as Loft, Lucky Brand, and Talbots. But make sure to check out the consignment shops such as Labels Luxury or the speciality olive oil shop, We Olive and Wine Bar. You can sample all of their own olive oils and vinegars. Make sure to try their Peach White Balsamic Vinegar, Blood Orange Balsamic Vinegar, and their Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar. For those feeling less adventurous, you can always take home their classic olive oils infused with basil, garlic, or lemon.

Pic by @ovoniki

Flowers in Downtown Walnut Creek


CREAM of Walnut Creek

Pic by @diana.jpg

Cookie Sundae at Cream


Karas Cupcakes

Pic by @briggska22

A speciality cupcake at Kara's

Pic by @_keakss

Women enjoying the fountain in the middle of downtown.

Pic by @hanitanitnut

The fountain in Broadway Plaza.


A boy enjoying his birthday at Cream.


Along Locust St.

Pic by @joemrtnz44

Along Main Street across from Neiman Marcus.




The crowd at Atlas, one of the awesome men's stores.


Karas Cupcakes

Pic by @bonzeng

A raspberry chocolate cupcake at Kara's.


Downtown Walnut Creek

Pic by @ginalcy

Downtown at night.

Pic by @tobysalkc

A meal from La Fogota.

Pic by @angeecarmen

A meal with a cocktail at La Fogota.

Pic by @atrautner

4 men enjoying happy hour at La Fogota.


Katys Kreek


Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict at Katy's Kreek.

Pic by @heatherkiss

Drinks at Brunch: Bloody Mary and Mimosas.

Pic by @sdplaza

Spring rolls at Kacha Thai Bistro.

Pic by @donicalumba

Friends enjoying Kacha Thai Bistro and Coco Swirl around the corner.

Pic by @bnemiroff

A friday night out at Kacha Thai Bistro featuring the Pad See Ew, the Lady Fingers, and a Thai tea.


Walnut Creek, California

Pic by @gillmatic

A fun day out at 1515 Restaurant and Lounge and Cream. They are across the street from each other.

Pic by @bluesnaps

Sweet and sour chicken at Dragon's Pond.


Dragons Pond

Pic by @mrmendoza_

Dessert at Dragon's Pond.


We Olive Walnut Creek

Pic by @weolivewc

A couple enjoying a wine tasting at We Olive.


We Olive Walnut Creek

Pic by @weolivewc

Friends enjoying olives, antipasto skewers, and chardonnays at We Olive.


We Olive Walnut Creek

Pic by @weolivewc

Some of the selection of balasamic vinegars and olive oils at We Olive.

Pic by @dznemom

The fountain next to the free shuttle provided by Walnut Creek. This is one of the drop-off points.